The Greatest Golf Resorts in America

Must Try

It’s not enough to provide people with a big, green field on which to play golf. The type of people who like to play golf love to indulge every now and then. A beautiful golf course is amazing, that much is certain. But when people want to add a luxury holiday feel to the proceedings, they go to a full-fledged golf resort.

Luckily, the United States is replete with some of the finest golf resorts in the entire world. So if you happen to be traveling around America, see if you can find some time to visit these acclaimed golf resorts. Then brag to your golfer friends about it and make them feel sick with envy!

Gold Canyon, Arizona

The Gold Canyon Golf Resort [above] has a pretty cool name, right? Gold Canyon? But check out the name of where it’s located: at Arizona’s Superstition Mountain. Just by hearing the name, you know this is a place rich with history and mystery.

Lost gold mines and legendary Apache burial sites are present in the mountains’ mythos. Appropriately, the Gold Canyon provides very creative golf courses. The Dinosaur Mountain Course and The Sidewinder are said to instil near-spiritual feelings in players.

Augusta National Golf Club, Georgia

This is one of the most famous golf clubs in the world. If the name rings a bell to you, that’s because it’s where the Masters take place! With that in mind, it comes as no surprise that every course available here is of the highest quality.

There are many prestigious names among its member list. Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Condoleezza Rice are all members. In fact, membership is notoriously exclusive there. To check out this amazing place, you may have to get yourself some US Masters tickets!

Pebble Beach Golf Course

Pebble Beach Golf Links, California

Thought all those other golf resorts you’ve visited were beautiful? Wait until you get a load of Pebble Beach. With gorgeous views of Carmel Bay and the Monterey Peninsula, you simply cannot get better sights while golfing in America.

The Pebble Beach coastal community also features stunning hotels and spas. In 2001, Pebble Beach became the first public golf course to feature a golf course that Golf Digest would name the best in America. Quality and luxury is guaranteed here.

PGA National Golf Resort, Florida

As you’ve probably guessed, this resort is the home of the Professional Golfer’s Association of America. Do you think those guys are going to host a sub-par golf resort? Of course not! With a whopping ninety holes available, the PGA National Golf Resort is a huge resort that offers endless variety. If you want some tough-as-nails courses, this could be the perfect place for you.

Makai Golf Club

Makai Golf Club, Hawaii

Just reading the word “Hawaii” is all it takes to imagine luxury, stunning views and unbeatable community. The Makai Golf Club does not disappoint in any of those areas. Designed by the legendary Robert Trent Jones, Jr., it offers unbeatable sunset views and exotic plant life. Plus, if you’ve always wanted one of those crazy Hawaiian weddings, they are offered right here at the resort!