Four Awesome Sports You’ve Never Thought Of Trying

Must Try

Has the new year ignited in you a desire to try out a new sport? Instead of picking one of the common sporting pastimes, why not do something extra novel and give one of the following more unconventional sports a go? It couldn’t hurt to try and, you never know, you might turn out to be a natural!

Sepak Takraw

  1. Sepak Takraw

Also known as “kick volleyball,” this sport is popular throughout Southeast Asia. This sport is based on volleyball except you are not permitted to use your hands to touch the ball. You must use your feet, knee, chest or head to volley the ball over the net.

If you are flexible and good at rallying with a soccer ball, you could well be a success at this sport. Interested? Find out if there are opportunities to play sepak takraw in your local area. Otherwise, you could always start your own team.

  1. Arm wrestling

No longer just a strength contest between mates after a few drinks, arm wrestling is now a professional sport. And there is a lot more involved in this sport than just bulging biceps. A successful arm wrestler must have a strong upper body including the arms, wrist, lats and triceps.

Many techniques are involved in winning this sport, from “rolling” the wrist to the “hooked grip”. If you are intent on improving your upper body strength, this sport might be just the motivation you need. Watch a championship arm wrestling match to get a better idea of what is involved in this sport.


  1. Dressage

This equestrian sport is featured during the Olympic games — it’s the one that looks a bit like the horse and rider are performing a dance routine. In fact, this competitive sport is very complex and requires a great deal of skill. It involves both horse and rider performing a series of movements from memory.

If you have a passion for horses and good experience of riding, you may find this sport very enjoyable. In addition to the movements, you will also have learn to care for the animal, including the different medications it might need, like ventipulmin. Contact the national dressage association for more information on how to get started in this sport.


  1. Ski-bobbing

Ski-bobbing is a relatively new snow sport. Participants of this sport use a skibob, a piece of apparatus that looks like a mash up of a bike and pair of skis, to carve their way down the slopes. Experienced riders have described this sport as like jet skiing on snow. If you like combining sports and travel you’ll enjoy ski-bobbing, which is increasing in popularity in many of the best resorts around the world.

It’s fast and potentially dangerous, so it is a good idea to get lessons or learn from experience riders and find out what safety gear you should be wearing.