Having written about travel for more than a decade, I have found there are so many great hotels, restaurants, and activities to enjoy in any given city that the choices can be overwhelming. But then there’s always that special something that draws you back for even more; I call it the secret ingredient, the inside knowledge you have or wish to discover. When my journalism professor at Columbia University came up with the name ConwayCONFIDENTIAL, I realized, “That’s it! The ‘Confidential’ — the secret spot or hidden gem that I can share to help make your choice easy and your experience a special one.

At The Mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas, Texas, for instance, it’s the service, the concierge who works tirelessly and effortlessly to get you anything you need, no matter what that is. At the Westside YMCA in New York City,20it’s the fact that you can get a room for $60, off of Central Park West, with more amenities (like a full size lap pool!) than is often found in a five-star hotel. At the Fairfax in Washington, D.C., the mint juleps are the magnets to bring you back, even if it’s just for happy hour — while the Silver Vaults in London are, well, so top secret that even the locals don’t know they exist! It’s surprises such as these that make our adventures so much fun that we want to share them with you.

Our experienced team of writers and editors travels constantly. Suffering terminal jet lag, we nevertheless are perpetually exhilarated — fueled by the joy in sharing what we discover. It’s the hours of travel, days of back-to-back meetings, and extensive property screenings that bring you our gems, our ConwayCONFIDENTIALs.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy them. Here’s to you and your next travels!

Paula Conway

Editorial Policy

CONWAY CONFIDENTIAL’s stories are carefully determined by our experienced editorial team, based on their individual travel experiences. Our staff of dedicated editors and writers is not paid to endorse any particular property. We do our research and find the secret spots and hidden gems on the map, an achievement money just cannot buy. Of course, we also have to pay our bills and feed our pets, so we do have advertising on the CONWAY CONFIDENTIAL site. All advertising is clearly marked to maintain a clear division between our CONWAY CONFIDENTIAL recommendations and our advertisers. From time to time, we may send out emails on behalf of our advertisers, but these will always be clearly marked “___” in the subject line. Also CONWAY CONFIDENTIAL is all about being an insider in the know, and just like any good private club, we will not sell our lists to anyone else. Friends don’t sell other friends’ emails.

Although we offer our own “confidentials,” CONWAY CONFIDENTIAL is always on the lookout for new Secret Spots and Hidden Gems. To contribute your favorite finds with us, click on “Share Your Secrets” on the homepage.

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