Five Great Gifts To Buy A Golf Fanatic

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Do you know someone that just lives for those eighteen holes on the golf course? Someone who gets home from work and immediately heads out to the driving range to hit a bucket of balls? If that’s the case, you’ve got an easy gift opportunity on your hands. Golfers love all sorts of gifts, and there’s a huge market for them.

Here are a few ideas to get your brains into gear.

Personalized Gifts

We all like to buy personalized gifts on the occasion of birthdays and Christmases. When it comes to golf, you’ve got plenty of opportunities to get personal. At websites like, you can buy items such as personalized golf tees.

Another great choice is to personalize the golf balls themselves, although you can’t guarantee they won’t end up in a pond at some point! You could even personalize their clubs for them.


I’m sure you’re aware of all the golf-related media products out there. For example, there are thousands of DVD’s about the sport, from major tournament coverage to improving your game. The same thing goes for books, where you can buy autobiographies, training material, and much more.

This can be a great way to buy a present for a golf fanatic that you don’t know that well. As long as it’s related to the sport they love, they’re sure to like it.


Golfers have to wear specific clothing. Most courses have strict dress codes, so a gift in this realm could go a long way. There are even sun visors specific to golf that can prove essential in the summer months. You can’t go wrong with polo shirts and shorts.

You could can also invest a golf glove if the golfer on your list doesn’t have one yet, but most golfers have a pair as a basic necessity.

Golfer's glove


Arguably the most obvious, appropriate gift to give a golf fanatic is the equipment itself. It’s also the most expensive in many cases. Start with one of many clubs every golfer needs on course. They’re also going to need somewhere to store the clubs, so how about a golf bag? Make sure they haven’t got one already — a bag is a basic piece of equipment that many golfers purchase early.


When the rain is pouring, and the golf course is no option, they’ll have no choice but to head inside. If they’re still in the mood to play some golf, they can revert to games. There are all sorts of options on the market: tabletop family games, full-blown AAA video games.

You might want to buy them something like Rory McIlroy’s PGA Tour by EA Sports. Be sure to check to make sure they’ve got the right machine to play it!

This list only begins to scratch the surface. A true golf fanatic will gladly accept anything remotely related to their sport.