The 3 Funnest Sports for the Modern American

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Everyone loves sport of some sort, whether it’s following it or playing it. These are three of the most fun and popular sports for the modern American. Take a look and make the decision about whether you feel these sports are for you.


That’s right, the country’s national sport. Forget basketball or football; baseball is where America’s cultural heart truly lies. And it’s one of the most enjoyable sports to take up even these days. A lot of the time you can get by with just a bat, ball, mitt and some friends. However, if you want to join a team, you’re going to need to start taking it more seriously. You’ll need a batting helmet to protect you from those fizzing pitches!

A good one will set you back about $70, but it’s worth it! It might be necessary to wear catchers gear if you want to be a catcher. There’s plenty of gear to buy, and you’re looking at a few hundred bucks for a good set. Don’t forget to pick up some cleats while you’re at it. Baseball is a fun and exciting game, but you really need to be part of a team to fully enjoy it.



It’s pretty clear that golf ranks among the favorite sport of many Americans. The good thing about golf is that it doesn’t require you to be overly young or fit to play. Even total novices will understand the importance of a great set of clubs. But, you also need to realize that there are plenty of other things you need as well.

Unless you are a pro, you’re unlikely to have a caddy. So you will need a push cart to move your clubs around with ease. Golf push cart reviews are always useful when trying to make a decision. Also, bear in mind that if you join a golf club, there are certain requirements you’ll need to be aware of. For instance, you’re going to have to adhere to a dress code and conduct yourself in a particular way.

tennis ball racket clay court stock image


Tennis might not be the first thing you think of because it’s an individual sport. But that’s probably why so many people enjoy it. As a modern American, you can improve your independence and conviction by taking up tennis. It’s important to know about the different components within the game.

There are traditionally four different court surfaces in tennis: grass, clay, hard court, and carpet. Each of the four major Grand Slams is made up of these surfaces.

If you’re joining a club, you’re likely to be playing on a hard court surface. This can affect the bounce and speed of the ball. And you may want to buy gear accordingly. A good tennis racket is worth the investment if you want to join a club. You’ll also have to pick comfortable shoes with good support to help you be more agile.

These are just three of the majorly popular sports for modern Americans. There are many other popular choices too, of course, like basketball, hockey, etc.

If you’re going to choose a sport to take up, you need to know what you need to enjoy them.