The 10 Best Luxury Products To Help Overcome Fear Of Flying

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We all know someone whose biggest fear is soaring through the air at 30,000 feet. The fear of flying is very common: about 40 percent of the general population reports having this fear, and 2.5 percent have a classified clinical phobia called aviophobia. These are the 10 best luxury products to help curb the fear of flying.

OTO Focus Essential Oil Roll-On

The OTO Focus Essential Oil Roll-On ($90) helps to create balance in the body and works to reduce pain, stress, and anxiety to improve concentration and productivity. The combination of CBD, rosemary, ylang-ylang and peppermint promote calm and focus in your mind that would allow any fearful flyer to reduce their nerves.

Travel Napper

This weighted blanket was made to make you feel calmer and rest deeper wherever your travels may take you. The Travel Napper ($149) comes in a duffel bag, making it plane-friendly even in a cramped cabin. This blanket is made from organic cotton and is available in six, eight, or ten pounds.

H Pythagore blanket

Hermès is known for their luxurious products. Their H Pythagore blanket ($7,800) transcends the usual “luxury” standard so much, you’ll wonder why you haven’t had this at the top of your travel checklist for years. Made with hand-spun, hand-woven and hand-dyed cashmere, this blanket will provide you with unsurpassable comfort. The colored cashmere squares are assembled to create the beautiful patchwork design and finished with a blanket stitch.

Shearling Neck Pillow

The Shearling Neck Pillow ($295) is the perfect travel companion to help comfort you by the time you reach cruising altitude. Made from memory foam to make sure you are comfortable for the whole flight, it also allows air to circulate between you and the pillow so there is no overheating. A small brass clip attaches to your neck pillow to ensure you won’t lose it during your travels.

Bose QuietComfort Headphones

A combination of high-fidelity audio and noise cancellation helps eliminate distractions and seal you into your own bubble while on your flight. Switch the Bose QuietComfort Headphones ($349) from quiet to aware modes and adjust the outside noise levels as needed. The battery has up to a 24-hour life, so you can focus on your audio and not your nerves during those long plane rides.

Weighted Silk Eye Mask

You can’t always control the window shades while airborne. When your flight is too bright, the Weighted Silk Eye Mask ($75) from Saavta blocks it all out for a more restful and peaceful flight. Made with the finest mulberry silk for a more refined feel, this eye mask won’t leave creases on your face. The glass beads inside the mask provide a gentle, even pressure for stimulation and a therapeutic effect, while still leaving it breathable and protecting your eye area from friction.

Shooting Stars – Black Titanium Fidget Ring

For those who become antsy before their dreadful flight, the Shooting Stars – Black Titanium Fidget Ring ($320) is the perfect accessory to channel your nerves. This wearable fidget spinner is made using aircraft grade titanium for lightweight, durable rings. The shooting star ring is finished with a black diamond titanium with varying stars. Each ring is made to order and comes in a variety of colors and sizes. 

Calm App

The Calm App ($400)  is a mediation app to calm your anxiety and improve your stress and sleep. With hundreds of hours of guided meditation, exclusive music tracks added weekly, more than 100 sleep stories, masterclasses with renowned experts and calm body programs, you will have plenty of options to calm your nerves in flight. Multiple subscription tiers are available, but for a one-time payment of $400 you will have access to all of these clips and audio for a lifetime.

Ü Relax Ready-to-mix calming powder

These ready-to-go packets are filled with a naturally soothing formula to calm your nerves and brighten your mood. Add the Ü Relax Ready-to-mix calming powder ($99) packet to some water, and feel your fear start slipping away. It only takes a few minutes to feel the calming effects of the formula, which lasts for four hours of bliss. Each packet has a delicious fruit flavor like mixed berry or pineapple.

CalmiGo Immediate Anxiousness & Stress Relief

CalmiGo Immediate Anxiousness & Stress Relief ($207) is a patented digital device that learns your breathing, so in times of stress, anxiety or panic attacks it can guide you through each inhale and exhale. Calmigo works to ground your senses to decrease stress hormones and activate the calming part of your brain. This device also stimulates your senses by using scented plates to achieve calm faster. The Calmigo is perfect for traveling because of its compact design, and is a must to help calm your fears in the air.