How to Use Your Business Phone Efficiently

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Whether you own a business or are an important member of a company, you more than likely have a business phone. Having a business phone can help things run smoothly even when you’re away from the office. It gives the opportunity to receive and send important messages, emails, and phone calls.

You usually feel much more secure with a business phone, especially when you’re having time off. You can screen the calls you don’t want and answer any burning ones. This post will help you to use your business phone efficiently, so you can make the most out of it without compromising your home life:

Choose the Right Model for Your Business

You can’t just say one model is the perfect model for your business and that’s the end of that. There will be a model to suit your particular kind of business, so you need to find that model. Blackberry is a good phone for office workers since it’s great for keeping in touch and typing emails. Remember however, the smartphone you find most useful won’t necessarily be the one somebody else finds most useful. There are a few things you need to consider before choosing your phone:

  • How well will this phone connect to your desktop?
  • Can you open and edit files easily?
  • Can you use it as a connection device for your laptop if you need to?
  • Do you like the feel and look of this phone?
  • Do you find it simple to use this phone?

Weigh up all of the pros and cons and decide on the right model. You can usually compare mobile phones using comparison websites. You don’t even need to choose between the Apple iPhone and Blackberry; you might prefer a Samsung or Nokia model. Many phones will suit you for different reasons, so make sure you do plenty of research.

For business, you might find that larger screens are better. You might need to scan documents or review them, so you need to be able to see them clearly enough. A larger screen is also better for the eyes to look at. You don’t want to squint and give yourself eye strain trying to read an important document. You’ll also find large screens easier when you want to make notes in meetings. Again, you don’t have to stick to this, but it should be more helpful to you.

Take Battery Life Into Consideration

Some smartphones aren’t necessarily famous for their battery life. However, if you’re going to be using a phone away from the office, you need to ensure that it has a great battery life. You’ll want fast connections, as well as wi-fi, but this means your battery life will dwindle even quicker.

Your battery life should be capable of lasting all day if you want to get the most from your phone, however, you might use your phone more and use the battery up quicker. Whatever the case, it will help to have a rechargeable case at all times in case of emergencies. They’re very helpful, especially when you’re nowhere near a powerpoint!

Choose the Right Plan

There are a ton of different plans and providers you can choose from when it comes to your business phone. It’s imperative you choose the right plan, otherwise you could end up spending a fortune outside of your plan.

Make sure you’re covered for any trips abroad you might take, as these can cost a heck of a lot of money. Use wifi where possible too, so you avoid using too much 3G/4G. Try not to take advantage of your business phone if you have an employer who is picking up the bill.

Know Who’s Calling You

It goes without saying that you aren’t going to be able to be glued to your business phone 24/7. You might have your own stuff going on, and miss a phone call. If this happens, you don’t want to wait too long – you could lose a customer! Check to find out who was calling you, so you can prepare to call them back and keep them on board.

Use Mobile Apps to Assist You

Many mobile apps are tailored for business customers. These apps are simple to use, and you can complete important tasks in a fraction of the time. Even social networking sites can be helpful on your business phone for networking and marketing purposes. Here are some of the best apps for business you should try:

  • HootSuite allows you to manage all of your social media at once, and even schedule tweets so you can post consistently. It’s also good for catching up on things you may have missed in the industry.
  • Kashflow will help you to deal with invoices and accounts on the go.
  • Webex means you can go to meetings around the world without flying anywhere or spending a penny. You can also host webinars.
  • Make free calls using Skype. It’s also a great app to host virtual interviews.
  • Google drive lets you store all of your important documents in the cloud, and you can access them and change them on the go.
  • Evernote lets you take notes, take pictures, and go paperless.

Don’t Let it Take Over Your Life

Finally, try not to let your business phone take over your life. Practice caution when it comes to your business phone. Give yourself certain hours where you can make and receive calls, outside of which you’ll need a voicemail explaining that you’re not working. You don’t want to spend your time glued to this phone, and you’ll find you’re much more productive if you’re not.

Use your business phone in this way, and you’ll have a much better work life. You’ll find the balance between your home and work life much more comfortable, and still manage to get a lot done with the help of your business phone!