Cool Ideas for Food and Drink Businesses.

Must Try

People will always need food and drink, but businesses in the industry are by no means guaranteed to survive. There’s a lot of competition. The first year tends to be make-or-break, especially among  restaurants and similar establishments. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to succeed.

An excellent idea in the right location can go a long way. Research your target market well, and you can identify a niche that’s crying out to be filled. To get you started, here are some interesting ideas for different areas that you could move into.


There’s no doubt that running a bakery is difficult. Whoever does the baking, whether that’s you or someone else, needs to be up bright and early to get everything baked for the day. It all needs to be fresh, so there’s very little that can be made in advance. But people love fresh bread, cakes and other baked goods.

You could choose to open a traditional bakery selling home baked products, or you could go more upmarket with a French-style patisserie. You could also work as a wholesale business and sell to others.

Microbrewery and Bar

Craft beers and real ale have enjoyed a revival from Seattle to Brooklyn. If you’re interested in the art of brewing beer and would like to sell directly to customers, open a brew bar. Brew your drinks on-site and serve them up in the same building.

You can find bar supplies at sites like to make sure you have everything you need. And you can also offer tours of the brewery as another way to make money. Of course, beer can be sold wholesale too.


If you love food and want to serve it to others, you don’t necessarily have to open a restaurant. Many choose to provide catering services instead, providing food for functions in different locations. You could cook for weddings, business events and even private parties in people’s homes.

Make sure that your property and practices are up to standard in terms of hygiene and complying with the law. If you enjoy working with other people, catering is an excellent option for liaising with people to plan events.

Farmers’ Market

Selling food and drink doesn’t have to involve you making or selling any food directly. People love buying fresh produce straight from the source. Farmers’ markets are popular destinations, especially in urban areas, and you can set one up if you find an appropriate place. Invite people from farms and others who make food and crafts to set up stalls.

Each vendor can pay to set up at the market, and you can even agree to share a portion of their profits. Remember that you need permission from the local authorities before you can set up shop.