How to be ASTONISHING During Your Job Interview

Must Try

One great interview can land you in the position of your dreams. But one small guffaw can put you back in the applicant pool, somewhere else.

Here are some tips on how to be Astonishing on any interview:

1. Be yourself.

Do not try to fit the mold of the job description; be honest and polite. Your humility will be noticed.

2. Do your homework. 

Do not walk into an interview without knowing something about the company. It is essential to know the name of the company and whom you will be meeting up with, but also some facts about the company. Take the day before the interview to go over the company’s website. Go through all the pages, so you can have a natural conversation about the company in your interview.  Also, look for the company and the principals in the news and understand how they have been portrayed by the media, if at all.

3. Have Enthusiasm.

If you do not have passion for the position during the interview, then why would the employer hire you? Having enthusiasm for the position will make your employers want to work with you.

4. Ask (the right) Questions.

The person you interview with has a reason to have stayed with this company thus far.  Find out why he or she is there, what they feel the company offers above its competitors in the field, and what they love about coming to work their each day.

5. Be Thankful.

No matter what happens during the interview, ALWAYS follow up with the employer. A personal thank you is a must, but also consider giving the interviewer a call.  Even if you leave a message in his or her voice mail, the time you took to call will set you a part from the rest of the applicants.

6. Follow up!

Following up works wonders. Someone that follows up after their interview is more likely to have a greater success landing a position.  Following up shows you care enough to keep track of the position, and while you may not be right for this position, they’ll certainly remember you for the next.