Four of the Most Amazing Sports You’ve Never Considered Taking Up

Must Try

Sports are some of the most common and popular pastimes for a lot of people. As recreational pursuits go, it’s often difficult to get much better than playing sports. They’re also great for physical exercise and keeping fit and healthy. There are so many popular sports in the world and every day more and more people take up some sort of sport.

There’s a good bet you’ve played some sport before in your life, most likely with friends as a hobby. Nearly everybody played a sport as children, and some have kept active later in life. You might already play some sports, but there are a lot of sports you’ve probably never thought about trying.

Here are four of those kinds of sport to give you a flavor for that you might be missing out on.

Horseback rider

  1. Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is more of a pursuit than a sport, but it can develop into equestrian — and that is a sport. If you’re interested in taking up horseback riding, you’ll need to look into taking some local classes. And you’ll also need to get the right equipment and clothing. Horseback riding is a fun and exhilarating hobby. Unlike a lot of sports, you get to bond with an animal while you practice and learn, and this adds an extra dimension.

Whitewater kayaking

  1. Kayaking

Believe it or not kayaking is one of the most versatile sports you can do. Regular kayaking is a fun and active pursuit — the ultimate battle of man against nature. You can take classes and pass different levels of kayaking.

Recently kayaking has evolved to include kayak fishing. Indeed, there are specially designed kayaks made just for this reason. You can view a selection of this year’s best angling kayaks at the outdoor sports gear reviews website. The amazing thing about this is that it combines fishing with the thrill-seeking of kayaking.

Archery target

  1. Archery

Did you ever watch Robin Hood as a kid, or maybe even The Lord of the Rings? Did they ever make you wish you could use a bow and arrow with such poise and grace? Well, if they did then archery might be the perfect sport for you to take up.

It’s fun and helps a lot with hand-eye coordination. You can make believe that you’re a medieval archer defending the keep. Take archery lessons, and you can become proficient with a bow in no time at all. You might even find that you develop a natural talent for it and want to do it at a competitive level.


  1. Surfing

Surfing is often thought of as one of the most accessible extreme sports available. Being at one with the ocean and having nothing but a board for company can be scary. But it’s also one of the most thrilling and fulfilling sports you can do.

The first time you manage to ride a wave without coming off your board is one of the most exhilarating feelings in the world. Make sure you get all the right gear before you start your surfing lessons. You’ll need a wetsuit, a board, and some waves for starters.

Take your time to select the right things to help you through the process.