Awesome Food And Drinks For Business Events

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Planning a business event takes plenty of time and consideration. If you throw ideas together at random, you almost guarantee something will go wrong at the last minute that you won’t be prepared for. If you plan your food and drink carefully, you can tie the rest in around this and ensure that your business event goes off without a hitch.

Food and drink play a surprisingly important part in how successful your business event can be. You may think that these are merely secondary considerations, but think about how food and drink can lift people’s moods and set the tone for any occasion.

One of the first things to consider when planning a business event is who your target audience is. Are you planning a press event or a staff party? Both occasions would need different food and drink. For example, if you are holding a press event, you might consider the distinctions below. 

Press events and promotional business – the food and drink served at these events should be luxurious and impressive. You want to set your guests spirits high and keep them happy for when the business part of the evening starts. If they are already relaxed and in good spirits, they will be more open to anything you have to showcase. The response will be better, and you’ll secure more coverage as the night itself will have been enjoyable and memorable long after everyone leaves.

Look for a site with tons of great wine info for some initial inspiration. You can find ideas about entertaining and which wines to pick. Choose vintage wines or champagne if you want to push the boat out. Wine brand names that people will recognize are also a good idea. Something synonymous with quality such as Moet or Veuve Clicquot is a good starting point. 

Choose simple finger food such as a mini pizza and burgers that are easy to eat and won’t make a mess of your guests’ clothing. 

Staff events and team building gatherings – If you are hosting a business event for your staff, you can afford to be a bit more casual about the food and drink. You don’t need to go all out with champagne and vintage wines. Instead, stick to cheaper spirits and beers. You want your staff to feel comfortable and relaxed. This will also serve as a team building event and allow for mingling that can’t always happen during office hours. Drinks should be served chilled. You don’t need to worry about fancy trimmings like fruit slices and olives, etc. These are best saved for higher profile events.

Keep food simple and hire some outside catering to produce simple sandwiches and food that can be produced in a cost-effective way. Think about hiring a venue for your event; if it’s held on the business premises, there may be damage to products or electronic equipment that will result in more cost.

Keep this event causal and fun. Keeping your staff happy is one of the key ways to ensure business success.