4 Tequila Brands Owned By Celebrities

Must Try

From the red carpets to the agave fields, celebrity tequila brands represent a surprisingly strong Hollywood marriage. Many A-listers have ventured into the realm of tequila to create their own signature spirits and make a splash in the booming industry.

Dwayne Johnson: Teremana

In 2019, Dwayne Johnson became the face of Teremana, an ultra-premium tequila. Known as “The Rock” in his wrestling days, Johnson’s breakout into the liquor and spirits industry was anything but quiet. In 2021, the first year of launching the brand, more than 600,000 cases were sold, breaking records for the fastest-growing Tequila.

For Johnson and the Teremana team, the key to success was their appeal to health-conscious drinkers. The process to ensure the highest quality liquor is nothing short of easy; the entire craftsmanship takes place in a small Mexican town, alongside the peaks of the Jalisco Highlands, utilizing local businesses and practices. The traditional process of slow roasted agave for 3 days in brick ovens coupled with then distilling it in handmade copper pots ensures every bit of the savory juices is extracted, giving the taste the ultimate earthy, citrusy tang.

Teremana offers Blanco tequila with its smooth and crisp profile, Reposado tequila, a delightful balance of sweetness and depth, and Añejo that delivers an aged, rich and robust sipping experience. The Rock’s larger-than-life persona and genuine dedication to creating a premium tequila experience make Teremana a brand that stands out in the ever-growing world of spirits.

Eva Longoria’s Casa Del Sol

Renowned actress and entrepreneur Eva Longoria embarked on a journey to create a tequila brand that embodies the spirit of Mexico all while delivering an exceptional drinking experience. As an ode to her Mexican heritage, Longoria launched Casa Del Sol in 2021, offering a range of exquisite tequilas, each crafted with care and precision. 

Longoria isn’t the only powerful female lead of the company. Alejandra Pelayo, who is based in Jalisco, is the “protégé and goddaughter” of the late Francisco Alcaraz, the mastermind and distiller behind Patrón. Pelayo serves as head of production and quality control. In addition, Mariana Padilla, a Mexican-based artisan and entrepreneur, is the “Artesana Tequilera,” where she maintains the rich cultural legacy into the identity Casa Del Sol. The female-dominated team pays tribute to the initial inspiration behind the luxury tequila: feminine divinity, with the legend of the Aztec goddess of agave, Mayahuel. 

Casa Del Sol Tequila offers various hand-crafted flavors with the utmost tradition and quality. From their Blanco, which showcases the pure essence of the agave plant, to their Añejo, aged in oak barrels to develop a smooth character, every sip is a testament to the brand’s commitment to sophistication and craftsmanship. 

Michael Jordan’s Cincoro Tequila

Cultural icon (and arguably the best basketball player of all time ― in my book!) Michael Jordan recognized the growing appreciation for tequila when he launched his own brand, Cincoro Tequila, in 2019. Los Angeles Lakers owner Jeanie Buss, Milwaukee Bucks co-owner Wes Edens, Boston Celtics majority owner Wyc Grousbeck, and Grousbeck’s wife, Emilia Fazzalari all share the title of co-owner, with Emilia as CEO of the brand and Jordan as the founder. The powerhouse team wanted a name that embodied their five-person band, so they combined the Spanish words for “five” (cinco) and “gold” (oro) to create Cincoro.

Cincoro Tequila is a testament to the pursuit of perfection that Jordan displayed in his career, as well as his legacy in his post-court life. This is evident in the unique look for the luxury liquor: the design of the bottle is a visual treat, mimicking the shape of an agave leaf. The sleek contemporary style is reflective of the five owners’ spirit, as the bottle is structured with five different sides. The crown jewel of the bottle’s artistry is the stopper, deemed the “Crown.” The very bottom of the bottle contains a 23-degree angle punt revealing the Cincoro Fire Agave symbol. 

The brand offers Blanco, made with 100% Weber blue agave, an aging Reposado, a smooth Añejo, a flavorful Gold, and a rare and limited Extra Añejo. Each expression redefines the complex and refined taste of tequila and exhibits the unwavering attention Jordan and his fellow co-founders pour into each bottle. 

George Clooney’s Casamigos

What began over a friends’ trip to Mexico going out to bars and restaurants, sampling various tequilas, evolved into one of the most celebrated and sought-after brands in the world: Casamigos. George Clooney, along with friends Rande Gerber and Mike Meldman, perfectly encapsulated the focus of friendship, and enjoyment of their product by coining it Casamigos ―  “house of friends” in Spanish.

The creation of Casamigos began in the three friends’ homes, where they brought their research to friends and family with blind taste tests and trial samples. Their ultimate goal was to concoct a tequila with no burn at all. Now, the Casamigos tequila crafting includes the proper basics of obtaining agave from the rich clay soil of the Jalisco Highlands of Mexico, following a slow roasting and fermentation process. However, once the liquor is twice distilled and aged, it is then carefully filtered with charcoal to retain the rich, earthly flavor of the agave plant, specifically found in the Blanco expression.

The brand has become a favorite among bartenders and mixologists, admired for its versatility and ability to enhance any cocktail creation. Choose from a fruit-forward Blanco with a hint of vanilla, a golden honey-colored Reposado, a Cristalino Resposado that smells of cocoa and caramel with hints of agave, a sweet and spicy Añejo or a smoky Mezcal with a silky finish. Whether it’s on the rocks, by the shot, or even straight from the bottle, tequila-filled nights, Casamigos is meant to be raised in the air and shared with your loved ones.