The Best Luxury Gifts For Cruise Aficionados

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It is expected that travel spending this holiday season will be higher than any of the last four years, at least. According to Skyscanner’s recent survey of 18,000 travelers, “against a backdrop of higher average fares vs pre-pandemic … people are continuing to invest their discretionary spend in leisure trips through 2023 and into 2024.” Convenience in travel will be everything this year — a disposition cruise travelers are experts at. According to Caryn Seidman Becker, CEO and co-founder of Clear, “we know that travelers increasingly prioritize time as one of their most valuable assets ― they’re looking for ways to minimize wasted travel time and maximize convenience.”

With ease of travel in mind, here are the best luxury gifts for cruise aficionados.

18k gold Lotus petals diamond tennis bracelet

J’EVAR 18-kt. Gold Lotus Petals Diamond tennis. J’EVAR


Come for the design, stay for the versatile wearability: From upper deck adventures to sailing and fine dining, the J’EVAR 18-kt. Gold Lotus Petals Diamond tennis bracelet ($14,500) has a gorgeous patent-pending design that enfolds each diamond in an open lotus petal setting. You’ll feel especially good wearing it, not only because it’s soft enough to pass silk over it and feels like butter on the skin, but the diamonds are sourced from the House of ALTR, grown with solar energy and crafted with recycled metals sourced from certified refineries.

The Sweetheart Carryon from Steamline luggage in creamy white opens up to reveal breathtaking foliage of flowers and birds,

The beautiful Sweetheart Carryon from Steamline luggage. Open her up and behold the breathtaking … [+] STEAMLINE LUGGAGE

SteamLine Luggage

Step back in time with SteamLine luggage and set sail for destinations far and wide while presenting with ever-chic pieces that put them on notice: you’re traveling in style. The Sweetheart Carryon ($680) has a creamy white body with tan trim and a breathtaking botanical print of foliage, flowers and birds when you open her up. Your traveling companion might fall in love with The Architect burgundy luggage or navy carryon. Unlike its mid-century ancestors, this luggage features convenient handles on both sides, travel tags, and extra pockets for your extra needs.

Steuben sailboat

Steuben sailboat. STEUBEN


Some passions are better expressed through art. The outstanding architecture of the Steuben sailboat ($800) is a thing to behold for any mariner who wants to bring characteristically unique cruising-style art into their home. Its (relatively) small size and see-through design complements any room, modern or vintage.

Infinity pool aboard a Viking cruise

Infinity pool aboard a Viking cruiseVIKING CRUISES


Viking is a remarkably astute cruising experience, designed for experienced travelers with interests in history, culture, science and cuisine. Earlier this year, Viking launched the new intercontinental Longitudinal World Cruise collection (starting at $49,995) with expedition ships sailing between Antarctica and the Great Lakes. The routes offer something for everyone: Cruisers will marvel at the Chilean Fjords and experience the engineering marvel of the Panama Canal, among other destinations. Viking was awarded number one in Travel + Leisure’s “World’s Best” awards for river cruises.

The Hari Mari Women's Meadows flip flop in espresso

The Hari Mari Women’s Meadows flip flop in espressoHARI MARI

Hari Mari

These luxurious next-level flip flops from hari mari ($75) are chic and also packed with health and wellness features, such as a uniquely designed memory foam toe that eliminates the struggles associated with the break-in period; premium Nubuck leather foot bed; soft v-cut leather straps, and a chicly contoured sandal profile to transition from boating adventures to nighttime celebrations. The boat-safe outsoles with extra grip ensure seamless water adventures.

The Paloma hat with light fraying around the brim gives it a soft touch.

The Paloma hat with light fraying around the brim gives it a soft touch. WALLAROO HAT COMPANY

Wallaroo Hat Company

A new addition to Wallaroo Hat Company’s chic toppers is The Paloma ($71). The light fraying around the brim gives it a soft touch ― perfect for island hopping, shopping and sightseeing, without ever changing wardrobes. The black ribbon and braided raffia trim let everyone know that you’re in-the-know.

The Saatva soft and buttery weighted eye mask.

Saatva soft and buttery weighted eye mask. SAATVA


Can’t wait until nightfall to get your shuteye abroad? Enhance your sleep with the Saatva soft and buttery weighted eye mask ($75), and turn restful sleep into an option at all hours of the day. The gently weighted version delivers a calming therapeutic effect like a deep tissue massage around the eyes. The weighted eye mask comes in two colors: slate and sand.

The Rapid Lift Multi-Peptide Serum from Nakery Beauty.

The Rapid Lift Multi-Peptide Serum from Nakery Beauty.NAKERY BEAUTY

Nakery Beauty

The Rapid Lift Multi-Peptide Serum from Nakery Beauty ($44) is a unicorn in a bottle. It lifts and reduces wrinkles like a micro Botox treatment and has the temporary effects of a facelift by lifting and tightening the skin. Sized perfectly for carry-on luggage and packing enough punch for a variety of atmospheric conditions, this bottle fits a variety of travel needs. Order now for your 2024 and 2025 cruises; this product sells out fast!

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