Make Your Next Camping Trip A Luxury Rather Than A Chore

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We think the media has slowly taken the fun out of camping. Let’s face it, Bear Grylls didn’t exactly make sleeping in the wilderness look like a dream come true. But does it have to be that bad or is there a better way to “survive” the wilderness? We think camping can be just as luxurious as staying in a five-star hotel.

Let us show you exactly what we mean. First, we need to think about accommodation.

Trailer, RV and Luxury RVs

Rather than heading out into the wilderness with nothing but a tent and sleeping bag, why not purchase a trailer RV? The market offers a wide range of choices, from those under $20,000 to those costing just less than half a million dollars. It all depends on how much you want to spend on your next vacation.

One of the more expensive models offers the promise of a five-star hotel you can keep for the rest of your life. Put that way, an RV offers great value for the money. Before you dismiss the idea of paying this much for a camping trip, we should tell you a little about what these bigger RVs have to offer.Motorhome

First, you’ll have a beautiful, luxurious living area. There might be a recliner seat, a widescreen UHD TV, even king-size beds with memory foam mattresses. Wondering what you’ll subsist on? The best RVs have a full kitchen, equipped with whatever you might need. If you hate the idea of driving that RV everywhere, there’s two options.

You can either get a trailer and detach once you reach your destination. Or, you can get an RV with luggage space for your car. No, we’re not kidding. These actually do exist.

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Batteries, Heaters, And WiFi

One of the major disadvantages of camping is that you have to say goodbye to all the little and large home comforts. You’re tied down to staying on a crowded campsite if you want eletricity.

Well, not anymore. Now you can buy portable batteries, heaters, and WiFi hubs. That means you’ll be able to live in the same comfort that you do at home no matter where you are. You’ll have freedom to roam, camped halfway up a mountain or in the middle of a field. But you’ll still be warm with everything you could ever watch on Netflix.

Great Camp Sites

There are plenty of holiday resorts across the country that have camping facilities. That means you don’t have to cross off the idea of a fun filled family vacation if you go camping. You can even camp in Fort Wilderness at Disney World. You’ll be right next to where the boat docks, ready to take you to the Magic Kingdom long before the crowds.

We hope you see now that if you’re planning on heading camping, there’s no reason for it to be a chore. It can be a dream come true.  

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