Luxury Ways to Travel in Style

Must Try

Often the worst part of traveling is the actual traveling. It’s fantastic when you arrive at your destination and can start relaxing and having fun. But the in-between bits when you’re stuck in an airport, on a train or in a taxi can be nightmarish. There must be a way to avoid all that. There is — by changing the way you get around.

Say no to cattle class on ordinary flights and wave goodbye to queuing for a taxi when you get off the plane. Instead, use limos, private jets, and yachts to take you where you need to be. Try these luxury travel methods the next time you go away.

Hop in a Limo

The iconic image of luxury travel has to be the limousine. Most people only get into one of these on special occasions, such as a wedding or birthday party. But if you’ve got the cash to splash, you could use one any time you need to get from one place to another.

Of course, they’re not best suited for traveling more than a couple of hours, but they’re perfect for short journeys. Sit back and relax while you sip some champagne, watch TV or listen to music, and perhaps even lie down and go to sleep. Plenty of people can usually fit inside, so all your friends can come along.

Travel by Helicopter

Luxury travelers use limos, but those in the know travel by helicopter. Whether you’re going a short or long distance, there’s no better way to make an entrance than by chopper. Of course, there is always one obstacle: finding somewhere to land.

Many luxury hotels have their own landing pad, just waiting for their prestigious guests to arrive. Plan ahead, jump in, and get one step above anyone who’s opted for a limo.

Take a Private Jet

Sure, first class is pretty comfortable. But the real elite don’t mix with anyone else. Instead, they charter their own private jets. Even in first class, you might have to put up with a chatty neighbor, crying baby or window seat.

But if you have your own plane, there’s no need to suffer any of that. You can have as much space as you like, eat what you want and enjoy some relaxing drinks. Long-distance travel doesn’t have to be a nightmare when you can hop on a chartered flight and kick off your heels.

Sunning Yourself on a Yacht

All of these other modes of transport are a means to an end, but they can be a vacation in themselves. If you don’t want to stop moving, you’ll much prefer a cruise on a yacht. Lie out on the deck and sunbathe, or go down below to enjoy luxurious living quarters.

If you need to get away from it all and enjoy a more leisurely form of travel, a yachting vacation could be just the thing.

Next time you go on vacation, don’t accept the standard as the only way to travel.

Live like a VIP and treat yourself instead.