Looking For A Vacation Home? Here Are Some Awesome Destinations

Must Try

Have you always wanted your very own vacation home? The down payment will probably hurt, but over time it’s a money-saver if you prefer to vacation in the same locale. You’ll never need to book a hotel ever again! Once committed to the decision to buy, you have one other important choice to make: which destination? To try and make the choice a bit easier for you, here are a handful of ideas.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean Sea is home to many different islands. Throw a dart at a map and pick one; you’re bound to fall in love no matter what. Real Estate is available on most islands, including Nevis, St. Kits, and Barbuda. If you have real estate in this corner of the world, you are almost guaranteed perfect weather whenever you visit. There are also plenty of opportunities to try out water sports. Don’t want an active vacation? Stick to sunbathing on a beach! In the Caribbean, buying a home on one island doesn’t mean you must stay there. Visit a neighboring island by boat on a day trip!

Palm trees beach

United States

How about a staycation? The United States is a vast country; there’s always plenty of land to see and explore. Buying a holiday home here will give you an extra base from which to explore the country. If you live on the West Coast, how about buying a second home on the East Coast or vice versa? Buying a holiday home in your own country will also reduce costs as some countries will make foreign buyers pay extra fees.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen benefits from an awesome location. This southern tip of Scandinavia places you within easy reach of the Nordic countries and most of central Europe. So if you are a fan of road trips, this cosmopolitan city could be your perfect base! Not only that but you will have plenty to discover in Denmark’s capital city. Visit Tivoli Gardens to ride on roller coasters or take a tour around the historic Christiansborg Palace. If you rent out a car while you are staying in your Copenhagen holiday home, you can easily explore the rest of the country. Aarhus and Odense are well worth a visit!


Scotland is another brilliant location for road trips. It’s also possibly the cheapest location for real estate in the United Kingdom right now. You’ll find many pretty cottages in idyllic locations, most of which are within easy reach of the country’s famous lochs. There is also lots of tasty food to sample in Scotland. While you’re there, don’t forget to try a local whisky and the national dish, haggis. Holiday homes in Edinburgh and Glasgow will place you just steps from some of Britain’s top museums and galleries. And England isn’t too far away either! You can be down south within no time on high-speed trains.

Of course, there are a load more cool destinations for vacation homes. No matter which corner of the globe you prefer, there are enough choices to make your final decision difficult.