Everything You Need To Know About Illinois

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Illinois is one of those States that is often overlooked by travellers and vacationers. Sure, plenty of people come to Chicago for the sports, the history, and for business. But this area has a wealth of great places, monuments, museums, and eateries to delight any tourist. And the hardcore traveller will need to visit this State every season to see and do everything that is on offer.

The Prairie State is one that has provided beautiful scenery forever. A lot of it remains unspoilt as this is a big farming State full of forests and wetlands. Scenic walks are one of the best ways to truly appreciate the landscape. Hiking is a very popular activity throughout Illinois. The cities may be bustling and vibrant but there are lots of great places for stillness and quiet.

The Ohio River and Erie Canal are thought to be the most important waterways in Illinois. Historically, they have brought settlers here, and brought trade to the region where Chicago is now. Chicago is one of the main areas that has a large body of water. It sits on the edge of Lake Michigan. Illinois is bordered by several states including Indiana, Iowa and Wisconsin.

Chicago is one of the biggest cities in the United States. It in internationally renowned for its skyscraper skyline. The city is also hugely respected for its incredible museums. Any visitor to the city should make the time to tour a few of them. In particular, fans of Impressionist Art should take the time to enjoy the Art Institute in the heart of the city.

Getting around such a large place is easier than you think. There are good rail and road connections. And flying in is just as easy from most other cities. Perhaps there is a group of you coming into town for a sports event?

Whether it’s the Cubs, Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks or White Sox, you’re in for a treat! Chicago has bus rental options to get your entire party to the game on time. You could also use the service for seeing more of this great city and State.

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With over two and a half million residents, Chicago is a great place to enjoy food, culture, and entertainment. You might be here on business or simply looking for something to inspire you. This city has plenty to offer.

But don’t be afraid to tour the rest of Illinois. Springfield is the State’s capital and can be reached easily from Chicago. It is Lincoln’s hometown and its heritage is widely celebrated. Enjoy this historic town for a unique insight into the United States of America.

Route 66 is another favorite Tourist stop. Part of the route passes through Springfield. The annual festival celebrating this much-loved road has become epic. It’s certainly a must-see if you’re in the area during that weekend.

Illinois has a great deal to offer any traveller or vacationer. It is worth making this State your destination of choice for this year. Enjoy all that Illinois can offer you.