3 Awesome Tips For Traveling In Style This Summer

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We all know how stressful travelling can be, especially if your destination is more than a couple of hours away by plane. While most of us have no choice but to find the cheapest fare, those will a little more cash in the bank might like to spend more. Ultimately the choice comes down to comfort.

If you want to get to your vacation feeling fresh and relaxed, taking some inspiration from our awesome tips might be a wise move. Just be warned that things can become very expensive if you’re travelling with a large party with children.

Book first-class airline tickets

The obvious way to travel in style is to book first-class airline tickets. They are usually around four times as expensive as budget seats, but you get a considerable amount of space. That means you won’t have to worry too much about other people getting in your way. Depending on the airline you select, the quality of first class seating will differ slightly. On larger planes, you might get a small cubicle with a television screen.

On smaller planes, you’re likely to just get a bigger seat. Anyone who’s traveled first class in the past knows how fantastic it can be. Obviously, there’s not much point in paying all that money for short flights, such as within the United States or from the UK to Ireland.

Reserve a decent hotel room

When it comes to hotel rooms, it isn’t necessary to pay more to get something better. It’s worth upgrading to an executive suite if the opportunity arises. You’re going to spend a lot of time in your room during your break, so you might as well get somewhere that feels a little more like home. Executive suites often have a separate lounge space and a desk for your laptop, as well as other amenities not found in standard rooms.

Pay for luxury transfers

The last thing anyone wants after landing in a foreign country is to jump into a standard taxi. You want to travel in style, so you need to look for something a little more luxurious. Many celebrities use luxury airport transfers on a regular basis — why not treat yourself?

There is nothing like travelling to your hotel in a limo or classic car. Heads will turn, and everyone you pass will think you must be incredibly important. Surprisingly, paying for a high-end transfer company to look after your party won’t cost as much as you might expect. If you search online, you’ll see that most offer great deals considering the service you’re getting.

Now you know how to travel in style this summer, we hope you will opt for something better than economy seats and budget hotels. If that’s all you can afford, you’re forgiven. For everyone else, it’s time to up your game!

These are also fantastic strategies when planning on a romantic break. First-class tickets, good hotel rooms, and luxurious transfers are sure to impress your loved ones.