Holiday Destinations You Don’t Want To Overlook In 2015.

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The hippest holiday destinations of 2015 go above and beyond the usual hotspots. Classic European destinations like Spain and Italy are always popular, but we expect to see people travelling further afield this year. You’ll have to spend a little more to enjoy the locations we’re about to list. In return, they are certain to provide memories and experiences that last a lifetime. No matter your personal interests, we guarantee a fantastic time if you plan ahead and do some research. Know in advance how you’re getting from place to place to ensure you can see all the sights. In some cases, that means renting a car; in others, hailing taxis or booking tour buses.


Known as the party capital of the world, Rio De Janeiro in Brazil is a city you won’t want to miss. With carnivals, parades and lots of fun activities, it’s the ideal location for that special break. You could even take your family along, as there are plenty of things to keep the little ones occupied. Don’t worry too much about the city’s well-documented gang problem, because that issue is contained in areas far away from the main tourist hubs.


Patagonia is on the same continent as Brazil, but the two destinations couldn’t be more different. If you choose to visit this vast region of southern Argentina and Chile, you might like to do so on an arranged cruise. We often find that is the best way to take in all the scenery and enjoy the landscape. You’ll find beautiful mountain ranges, huge lakes, and enough wildlife to keep the whole family happy.


Canada is a huge country with diverse people and attitudes. If you want to have the best time possible outdoors, visit the Rocky Mountains. The Rockies straddle the border of Alberta and British Columbia, which is always a top choice for tourists thanks to its stunning scenery. You’ll have a brilliant time no matter which part of the country you visit. Maybe you could even have some Alltracks lessons and master the snowboard? Just bear in mind that you’ll never see all of Canada in a single trip. The country is just too vast.


If you like the idea of spending your vacation on the African continent, you can’t go wrong with Morocco. While most countries in North Africa are very dangerous for western tourists, this one remains as safe as it can be. Those of you who don’t mind the hustle and bustle might consider traveling to Marrakesh. Anyone who would prefer a beach holiday should think about Agadir. Flights to Morocco are very cheap, and hotel prices are just as reasonable.

We hope you now have some great ideas about the best destinations for your 2015 holiday. Regardless of which country you select, we are sure you will have a memorable time. Just make sure you plan ahead, get the right insurance, and do some research before you leave home. That way, you won’t be disappointed that you didn’t get to see the best sights or engage in the best activities.