Combine Your Love Of Sports And Travel In 2015

Must Try

Most people we speak to have two common themes on their New Year’s resolutions list: do more exercise and travel more. They seem to crop up time and time again, and with good reason. Staying in shape is important and there is nothing more inspiring than visiting new worlds. So, why not combine the two? Get outdoors, see more of the world and stay fit doing it!

We’ve come up with a list of sports you can take up in 2015. Each is fairly easy to get started and we’ll tell you how. They’ll take you out of the sweaty gym and into the world. Breathing in that fresh, outdoors air makes a big difference when it comes to exercising. The brisk air in your lungs will help reinvigorate you. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some sports and travel activities combined.


There is no rush quite like taking the ski lift to the top of the mountain. The panoramic vistas and the snowy peaks reaching up around you. It truly is a magnificent place to be. It has the awe factor that traveling so often gives you. Skiing is an intense workout — and fun. You’ll work your leg muscles like never before. Your core strength is tested and worked. Yet you’ll barely notice the pain as you fly down the slopes.


Cycling is certainly a little easier to get started and can give you the same thrill as skiing. Take a trip up into the national parks nearby and let your bike loose on the open road. Take in the winding country pathways and breathe in the fresh countryside air. For the more adventurous, plan a trip abroad on your bike. Cycling through the heart of a new country or embarking on a long distance challenge doesn’t much preparation. Start with custom cycling jerseys and go from there.


There’s no better way to see a country than from the top of a mountain or cliff face. Climbing provides a complete core workout. It is one of the very best exercises you can put your body through. It maximizes balance, stamina and core strength. It’s also hugely rewarding to reach the top. There are mountains all over the world to explore. South America, Europe and Asia all have stunning outcrops and giant peaks. How’s that for inspiration? Start at your local climbing wall and build up confidence.


If a fear of heights is holding you back from climbing, simply walking among the mountains will be just as rewarding. Hitch up your backpack and a tent and set out into wild. You can build up your stamina and technique in city, state and national parks before venturing up a serious mountain. You’ll meet new people along the way and walk in the footsteps of thousands of others.


Those are just a few ideas to get you started. Stride into the new year with a new hobby, a new fitness regime and a plan to see the world. Where is first on your bucket list?