Top Picks for Fireside Coziness: The Perfect PJs to Snuggle Up In

Must Try

Discover some of the best PJ brands to ward off the remaining chill of the winter months, so you can embrace cozy nights at home.


In search of the perfect sleepwear gift? Explore ASCENO‘s monogram pajama collection for a luxurious touch that will make your recipient feel pampered while relaxing by the fire. Crafted with precision by London embroiderers, Asceno offers a refined take on contemporary-styled sleepwear. Consider adding a silk eye mask for an extra layer of comfort during the night. Your gift will undoubtedly bring an elegant and cozy charm to their lounging experience.

Derrick Rose

Based in London, the brand employs a “forensic approach” to the creation of pajamas, striving to produce luxury loungewear solutions of the highest caliber. Derrick Rose prioritizes the development of impeccably designed, functionally superior products before delving into the visual aspects. The brand ensures that each piece is not only effortlessly comfortable but also purposefully crafted. The use of premium materials and meticulous attention to detail serves as evidence of Derrick Rose’s commitment to providing top-quality clothing and an opulent retreat from the winter chill.


LUNYA believes recharging and resting serves as a gift to ourselves, but also every aspect of our life. Whether it’s in our roles, as improved individuals, partners, friends, parents, employees, being well-rested enhances our overall well-being. LUNYA seamlessly blends a deep commitment to innovative design with a steadfast dedication to its distinctive, modern, and minimalist style. With its clean lines, deliberate cuts, and contemporary sensibility, this brand becomes a great choice for anyone seeking comfort and elegance throughout the remainder of the brisk winter season.


Natori seamlessly blends Eastern and Western influences, endeavoring on a mission to infuse artistry into the patterns and designs found in its sleep collection. Established in 1977 by Josie Natori, The House of Natori started with the crafting of lingerie on her living room floor. Over the years, the brand has evolved into one of the most renowned names in the industry. The sleepwear collection encompasses an array of choices, including gowns, embroidered wraps, robes, matching sets, and more. Adorning these pieces will evoke a sense of sophistication, reminiscent of strutting down a NYFW catwalk.

Sleepy Jones

Step into the world of Sleepy Jones, established in 2013 by Andy Spade, Co-Founder of Kate Spade. This celebrated brand is renowned for curating stylish collections aimed at facilitating relaxation and enabling individuals to detach from the hustle and bustle of daily life, allowing them to reconnect with their creative essence. Providing a wide array of choices for both men and women, Sleepy Jones caters to diverse consumer preferences. From luxurious silk to cozy flannel, breezy linen, elegant sateen, and beyond, the brand ensures that there’s something for everyone seeking comfort and sophistication in their loungewear selection.