Take an unusual waking tour about art at the Shangri-La Hotel and experience how Chinese artists have depicted the work of Bai Juyi, a Chinese poet of the Tang dynasty (772-846). It is believed that Bai Juyi’s poetry reflects his experience of being spiritually healed by the melodious sounds of the Chinese lute. A striking piece behind the bell desk is made of more than 800 pieces of individual eggshell ceramic tiles by Chen Jun, an artist and professor of art at Wuhan University who also engaged his students in the project. Eighty thousand crystal glasses were used for the etch in the lobby lounge; it’s an immense glass screen depicting peonies with vertical gold lines made of 24-carat gold. Chinese artist Wang Yanru has many pieces on basement level 1, including a “Four Seasons” series with spring peonies, summer lilies, autumn chrysanthemums, and winter Chinese cherries. There are more than 2,000 pieces throughout the various rooms, halls, and facilities.

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