A Real Gem

Must Try

Il Ristorante

Everything at Il Ristorante in the Bulgari Ginza Tower is presented like a rare find, from the bread in an open jewel box, to the individual chocolates you can take home (priced from 600 to 1,500 yen, or $6 to $20, per piece. With the introduction of Chef Luca Fantin, the menu at Il Ristorante is a contemporary interpretation of traditional Italian cuisine. Try the Cacio & Pepe, homemade tagliolini with scallops, black truffle and chive-flavored oil, and the marinated monkfish in balsamic vinegar with cannellini bean puree and crispy ham. Chef Fantin makes strictly homemade pasta and bread daily, and flavors his dishes with herbs and such edible flowers as borage, calendula, red sage, and chive blossoms. Overlooking the Ginza, this Bulgari restaurant is nothing short of stylish and seductive.

2-7-12 Ginza Chuo-ku
+81 3(6362)0560