One of a Kind

Must Try

The busboy, waiter, chef, host, dishwasher, and owner of Café Monarch are all the same: Christopher Van Arsdale. Having worked as a personal chef for many years, Chris really needed a steady job. The result: He found this unassuming 550-sq.ft. space in Scottsdale, opened Café Monarch, and started cooking. Patrons enjoy the personal attention and well-cared-for feeling as Christopher feeds them with gusto and a deliberate sense of being. The outside is a humble, rustic stucco façade with passion vines to attract monarch butterflies. The scent of jasmine draws you in, and then the doors are loud – bright neon lime green and taxicab yellow with a periwinkle trim. Once inside, the creative expression extends to the food, as Chris prepares meals as works of art, with fresh herbs and spices. Dishes are whatever Chris decides to whip up for lunch or dinner; how he feels will dictate your menu, although he will factor in dietary restrictions. Details: Reservations are required, $45 per person for dinner, lunch ranges from $11 to $15 per person, there’s also a $10 corking fee per bottle, BYOB, and cash only. Lunch and dinner are served Thursdays through Sundays, but the hours are always subject to change, depending on how Christopher feels that day.

6934 E. 1st Ave.