The business traveler will appreciate the contemporary flair of the Hotel Bel-Ami. Unlike most classical Parisian hotels, this chic retreat offers rooms that are both sleek and spacious. The work-friendly lobby provides two fully equipped workstations alongside an espresso bar, where guests can help themselves to fresh coffee throughout the day. Internet access is complimentary, as is a vast array of international daily newspapers. Night owls will love the copper-colored-mosaic-tiled B.A. Bar, an in-house hot spot buzzing with sophisticated guests and lively locals. Two final words: Your name. At this extremely friendly hotel, attentive staffers remember what your own mother called you, adding a homey touch to this swanky French hotel. There’s also a spa.

7/11 rue St.-Benoît
+ 33-1-42-61-53-53 I