Brazilian home cooking with a creative twist keeps neighborhood foodies coming back to family-run Zebu Grill. Tucked away on the Upper East Side, this cozy gem takes you a world away from the city’s bustle. The eclectic menu is the creation of owner Tania Santana and includes a wide variety of delights from wild salmon over yucca puree in an acai (wild Amazon berry) sauce, to her family recipe for Feijoada — Brazil’s national dish. Keeping it in the family, Tania’s daughter helps out behind the bar, and her future son-in-law is the restaurant mixologist who designed all of the drinks. Favorites are the Caipirinha made with fresh lime and Jabuticaba, a grape that only grows in Brazil. Don’t miss the Bolo de Chocolate desert — warm chocolate cake topped with banana praline ice cream.
305 E. 92nd St.