Dreamers Take Wing

Must Try

Really want to feel like Peter Pan? Here’s your chance. Promising excitement, adrenaline and adventure, iFLY Hollywood utilizes a vertical wind tunnel — which the Wall Street Journal described as looking like “a spaceship” — to move air up in a column and offer you the best possible flight experience for indoor skydiving. (Propelling you are four fans of up to 1,200 horsepower that can produce a 180-m.p.h. wind current — enough wind resista nce to simulate free fall.) Located within walking distance of the main entrance of Universal Studios, in the shopping and eating area CityWalk, iFLY Hollywood provides (if you’re brave enough to open your eyes) a 360-degree view of the promenade below, for $39.95. Catt Sadler from E! has been known to hop in, and discounts are available for birthday parties.

1000 Universal City Plaza, City Walk, Universal City
online reservations: www.iFLYHollywood.com