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Situated on seven secluded acres, The Beverly Garland Holiday Inn is anything but a simple motel. This old school-styled Hollywood retreat, very convenient to Universal Studios and Burbank Airport, is named for one of Tinseltown’s most tenured TV stars (My Three Sons, 7th Heaven). A multi-tasker by nature, the familiar actress owned and operated her namesake place until her death in 2008. Garland’s family has preserved her special touches, like a pleasing art collection, mid-century brick walls in breezy outdoor hallways, and a lush garden setting ripe for respite from Hollywood’s fast pace. Modernity is found in the form of chic rooms, with outstanding beds and room dividers. Meanwhile, outdoor spaces are equipped with giant ottomans and complimentary WiFi — especially helpful to working guests who can soak up that famous California sunshine while toiling by the Beverly Garland’s stylish pool. Refreshingly productive in North Hollywood.

4222 Vineland Ave.