Living Landmark

Must Try

The sumptuous Victorian Milestone Hotel in Knightsbridge meets every need 24/7, thanks to its discreet butler service and an eagle-eyed staff. The hotel offers style coupled with unique accommodations to suit an array of personalities. Adventurous types may opt for the Safari Suite (bamboo bound with African wicker baskets and ornate ostrich eggs), while the Princess Suite pampers high-maintenance guests (thanks to a gold damask-draped, four poster bed, and private entertaining area). The Mistinguett Suite, named for the turn-of-the-last-century Follies singer-dancer, is theatrically outfitted with a rabbit-fur bedspread, red fabric walls, and Deco furniture. More functional but no less lavish, the Club Suite meets the needs of the discerning CEO, with striped walls and an antique billiard table.

1 Kensington Ct.
+44 (0)20 7917 1023