Mutual Affection

Must Try


You might not know Vdara Hotel & Spa, but the new hotel at CityCenter knows you. Most suites contains an MP3 hookup in the ceiling-high TV console, plainly labeled “iPod/iPhone” — because Vdara is aware you prefer touching a small screen when it comes to placing a phone call or choosing a song. The TV console is perfect for separating work from sleep. Your hosts also know this might not be your first trip to Vegas and you’re often in town on business. Vdara is ideal for those who appreciate its amenities (including a quiet, airy lobby) and are not looking for a casino. Meanwhile, come time to play, simply take a gander out the window. Or lose yourself in the hotel’s Fitness Center, Spa Boutique, Salon, or complete wellness spa, and cap off your “you time” at the refreshing Smoothie Bar.

2600 W. Harmon Ave.