Recipe: The Jacket Potato

By Alix Simnock,


1 potato
1 can of tuna or 1 can of baked beans 
1 cup of shredded cheese of choice (cheddar is good)
Traditionally, English cooking doesn’t rank high on the fine-cuisine charts, but when it comes to simple, easy, and even tasty meals, they in fact have a few clever tricks up their sleeves. After a recent trip back to the motherland (full disclosure: I’m from England) I rediscovered the oh-so-wonderful Jacket Potato.   
Slightly different from the American baked potato, the Jacket Potato is not a side dish but an entire meal. What sets it apart from Idaho’s finest are its toppings. Forget the sour cream and chives. Instead, think British – and try tuna and cheese or beans and cheese.
Here’s how: 
 – Bake a potato as you normally would.
 – If you want the Tuna Jacket Potato, take a small portion of canned tuna,   add some mayo, mix, and voila. It’s ready to eat. For beans, I would recommend the local favorite: Heinz, direct from the can and heated up. 
 – Take potato out of the oven, slice open three quarters of the way. Add butter. If you wish, and let it melt.
 – Add shredded cheese into the sliced potato and let it melt. 
 – Add tuna or beans.
 – Serve and enjoy.   
 To Make It Even Tastier:
 – Add a side salad of iceberg lettuce, sliced tomatoes, and cucumber.
 – Add corn (straight from the can).
 – While enjoying, think of England.






J.P. Hoornstra
I write about the Los Angeles Dodgers for the Southern California News Group and destination travel for various media outlets, including the New York Daily News.

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