US Sailing Team Releases New Logo For 2020 Olympics

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The Tokyo 2020 Olympics marks the introduction of the US Sailing Teams new, fresh logo, released yesterday. The top sailors and teams in each Olympic class are selected annually for the national team roster. US Sailing helps these athletes with financial, logistical, coaching, technical, fitness, marketing and communications support. In late March, 18 sailors were named to the 2017 US Sailing Team.

“The new logo will provide our team’s fans and supporters with a visual cue that we are embarking on a new era,” said two-time Olympic Champion Malcolm Page (Newport, R.I.), the Chief of U.S. Olympic Sailing. “When people see the US Sailing Team logo, we want our audience to associate it with excellence, and with the pride they have in our athletes. The future is bright for racing in the U.S., and this new logo is a key symbol of our positive strategic direction.”

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