Cinematic Elegance: Chanel’s 1995 Necklace in Barbie Movie

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Didn’t you hear? Pink is the new black

The vintage Chanel spring/summer 1995 necklace captures the true essence of both Chanel and Barbie as iconic symbols that bridge the gap between the worlds of high fashion and pop culture. The stunning interplay of glass pearls, crystals, and bold enamel colors with iconic interlocking Cs spins a futuristic edge on Karl Lagerfeld’s genius. Chanel remains a brand that transcends time and trends, captivating all generations, and turning a doll into a cultural phenomenon.

Margot Robbie’s title character owns a closet full of Chanel clothes and accessories. In addition to the necklace, the film sees Barbie in the pink Chanel skirt suit that Claudia Schiffer wore down the spring 1995 runway. There’s also a lavender tweed skirt suit and a pink heart-shaped bag from the same collection. “Wearing high fashion definitely feels right for the character,” Robbie said in an interview.