The Emmy and Tony Award winner shares her passion for a particular New York City restaurant.
“I love Café Lalo, It’s very sentimental because I went there when I had zero money. When I first moved to New York, me and my two roommates lived around the corner. We had a one bedroom. Two people slept in the double bed and we rotated.  I worked at the Paper Mill Playhouse making a few hundred dollars a week. Once a week after the show I would come meet my roommates there. I’d save all my money and we would have dessert at Café Lalo. that was a splurge. When I think back to some of the happiest times I’ve had, it’s there. I spent a lot of time at Café Lalo with my very closest friend, Denny. We would either get the German chocolate cake or the chocolate shake. Sometimes he got pumpkin pie. Occasionally I try to go there because it reminds me of that time.”
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