Fish Do Fry

Must Try

A former warehouse, Olsen is large by every measure — up to and including the trendy Palermo area restaurant’s size. Offering Argentina’s biggest selection of Scandinavian-style seafood (with fried oysters a favorite), a bar dispensing BA’s vast varieties of vodka (at least 50), and the biggest number of English-speaking staffers among the city’s most popular restaurants. Sunday brunch is a must, to be savored amid a mod ’60s feel, funky plates with circle patterns, and a round metal fireplace in the middle of the main room. Such appetizers as smoked salmon, baby pancakes, and smoked herring are served family style, and an overgrown garden patio lets some lucky patrons sit outside as tables and chairs literally sink into the verdant grounds. Suggestion: Lean toward the seafood rather than Olsen’s meat dishes in this very fishy eatery.

Gorriti 5870
+54 11 4776 7677