Parents may wonder how we could suggest a visit to a graveyard to share with the kids, but the Recoleta Cemetery is a, ahem, lively history-architecture lesson that is also an eyeful. Its own mini-metropolis set amid tree-lined city streets, the jam-packed mausoleums and elaborate marble memorials to be found here serve as the final resting places of international figures, including possibly the most famous Argentine of all, Eva Peron. Also on hand: athletes, artists, and presidents, like Paul Alfonsin, who died in 2009. Another allure at Recoleta: The feral cats who make the cemetery their home. At closing time, these felines gather at the graveyard’s neo-classical entrance gates, where local animal lovers give offerings of some very fancy feasts.

Calle Junín 1790, Plaza Francesa
+54 11 4804 7040