While most people head to historical San Telmo on Sundays for the weekly antique market, we go for the spontaneous tango shows. Some of BA’s best young dancers simply set up shop in Plaza Dorrego Square, turn on their boom boxes, then launch into a high-octane tango for an appreciative audience who presents them with loose change. It’s not difficult to locate the performers: Just look for the crowd. As an added bonus, the gratuity you give the dancers will be much cheaper than admission to the formal tango shows downtown. Hot tip: After the antique dealers shut down their stalls at about 5 p.m., some tango dancers will give lessons. If you’re game, go for it. Also note: On weekends, San Telmo’s main cobble-stoned streets become pedestrian walkways, so just ask your cabbie to put you as close to the action as possible.

San Telmo neighborhood, Plaza Dorrego