For a unique experience, book a Harmony Massage at the Chuan Body + Soul spa inside the Langham Hotel and balance your energy points, or qi. Once a series of questions help determine your element (water, fire, or earth), you will be instructed through a deep-breathing ritual designed to calm your soul, relax your mind, and channel your meridian harmony. Breathe in the essence of your element and the massage begins. Acupressure throughout the body restores balance and reduces tension – but don’t expect the usual deep pressure and long massage strokes. It’s a somewhat sporadic, pulsing sensation that does its job. Not long after the head-to-toe melt gives way, seamlessly transition into a gentle snooze. To finish, sip a hot tea of your selected essence, which promises to deliver further balance and harmony to your qi. Complete the process by dipping in the heated indoor pool, soaking in the hot tub, or drying out in the sauna.

250 Franklin St.
617-451-1900 ext. 7013