The Eyes Have It

Must Try

Book the Cloud Nine penthouse suite at Nine Zero Hotel and you’ll feel like you’re in a James Bond movie. The front desk will scan your eye, which is then digitally converted into a code in the hotel’s computer system. The space-aged camera outside the hotel-room door can identify any scanned iris to permit or decline entry to Cloud Nine. (The technology even works if the guest is wearing glasses or contact lenses.) Once inside the suite, enjoy what Jerry Seinfeld, Kid Rock, and Christina Aguilera have all raved about: Spectacular views of Beacon Hill, Back Bay, the State House and the Charles River; a 42-in. plasma screen TV with surround-sound; wet bar; telescope for city and sky viewing; an oversized marble bathroom with Jacuzzi, and steam shower. 007 rates a 10.

90 Tremont St.